1. Application submission

For information regarding admission requirements for International students please click below. Please note that application is free of charge. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Online Application Unit directly via email: [email protected]

  1. Conditional Acceptance

Once the application is evaluated by NEU Admission Committee accepted applicants will be provided with a Conditional Acceptance Letter via email with conditions of acceptance and further information.

  1. Final Acceptance

The official Acceptance Letter, which should be used for the travelling and the registration process can only be issued once the initial amount of first semester tuition fee stated on the Conditional Acceptance Letter is paid and the copy of TT record (official bank payment receipt) is submitted via email to Online Application Unit. The bank payment details can also be found here.

  1. Travelling and Visa process

Please note that some of the countries in addition to Acceptance Letter are required visa in order to enter T.R.N.C. Please contact nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate regarding obtaining a transit student visa. The original documents are required for travelling.

  1. NEU accommodation

The ones who prefer to stay at the campus, NEU offers different types of accommodation. Please visit our website to see the types of the dormitory rooms, facilities and the fees by clicking here. Once you decide which room type you prefer, please inform Online Application Unit accordingly via email.

  1. Registration

You must physically visit International Student Office with your original documents to proceed with your registration. Once your registration is completed you will be provided with a student number.

  1. Language Proficiency

All new students must prove their language proficiency (English/Turkish depending on chosen program). Therefore, they will be required to sit for the Language Proficiency exam arranged by Near East University or provide the language proficiency certificate/proof in valid form in order to apply for the exemption. For exemption terms and conditions please click here.

  1. Course Registration

Once the results of Language Proficiency are obtained students are guided to contact their department adviser in order to register to courses and get the course timetable.

  1. Residence Permit

Once the above steps are completed and students portal is activated,  using the link below, students must sign in and apply for Student Residence Permit (click here).

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