Regulation of Double Major and Minor Programs

Article 1 – In accordance with the provisions of the Implementation and Examination Regulations of the undergraduate programs of the Near East University, students who achieve outstanding success in their undergraduate program are provided with the opportunity to obtain another Bachelor’s Degree or Minor Certificate in another program.

In this Regulation, Double Major BA Programs; refers to a program of education that allows students to obtain a bachelor’s degree while carrying out another undergraduate program in another major field which is close to their first BA program in terms of scientific subject.

Minor Program; refers to an educational program designed to enable students to develop knowledge in a specific area other than their major program.

Formation of Double Major and Minor Programs
Double Major and Minor Programs can only be realized between the departments within the Near East University. Double Major Undergraduate Program and / or the Minor Program is realized by the proposal of the Faculty Administrative Board and the approval of the University Senate upon application of the department that wants to open the program. The department that opens the program also determines from which departments students will be accepted to the program.

The graduation credits of the Double Major Degree Program can not be less than one third of the graduation credits of the department that opened the program. Regardless of the graduation credit of the relevant department, the lower limit is 36 credits. The Minor Program consists of at least 18 credits. The courses to be taken in the Double Major or Minor Program are determined by the proposal of the department implementing the program provided that the courses to be taken are exclusive of the common courses of the relevant departments, and the decision of the Faculty Administrative Board.

The quotas of law, medicine, health and engineering programs, provided that the allocated for double major degree program quotas are not more than 20% of the quotas of programs offering the double major  degree progam and not less than 20% of the other programs, are determined upon the proposals of the departments and approval of the Senate, and announced by the Rector’s Office before the beginning of the semester / academic year.

Application and Acceptance
Applications for Double Major  or Minor Programs shall be made to the Rectorate with the application form on the date determined by the University Senate.

It is not possible to register to more than one Double Major or Minor program at the same moment, or to both Double Major and Minor programs.

Students may apply to the double major undergraduate program at the beginning of the third semester  of the major program at the earliest. In concern with the four-year undergraduate programs, applications must be made at the beginning of the fifth semester at the latest, at the beginning of the seventh semester of the five- year based programs, and at the beginning of the ninth semester in the six-year based programs. The students who would like apply for a double major program must have taken and successfully passed all the courses of their major programs and the CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of the major program of the applicants must be at least 2.30 or over, and the student must also be ranked within the top 20% of the most successful students. Admission to these programs is possible by approval of the relevant departments and the decision of the relevant board of directors or boards.

The Double Major Undergraduate or Minor Program is conducted under the supervision of the Double Major Program (DIP) Coordinator, assigned by the Head of the Department, in order to determine the courses in the programs, help and guide the students in planning the periods to be taken, and ensure that the program is run in accordance with the objectives of the program.

Program Period
Two additional semesters are granted to students who graduated from the Master Program but were unable to finish the Double Major or Minor Program, in order to support them in completing the Double Major Program or the Minor Program. This period may be extended for students of Double Major Programs by justified decision of the Faculty Administrative Board.

Prerequisites of Course
Article 6 – In order to deem students successful from the courses,  they must obtain DD letter grade from each course of the Double Major  or Minor Programs. The grades received in Double Major or Minor Programs are not taken into consideration by any means in the calculations of the GPA or CGPA of the major program.

Withdrawal from Program – Dropping Out
If a student wishes, he / she is entitled to leave or withdraw from the Double Major  School or Minor Program. The students who want to withdraw from the Double Major or Minor Program and the students who do not fulfill any of the conditions of this Regulation are expelled from the program by the decision of the Board of Directors. In Double Major  or Minor Programs, the registration of students who do not take courses for two consecutive semesters is cancelled. The courses have been obtained and successfully passed by the students who have left the program are converted into non-credit courses.

Students who have left or are dismissed from the Double Major  Program or Minor Program for whatever reason may not apply to these programs again. Students who fall below the general average of 2.00 in the Double Major  Program are dismissed from the Double Major  Undergraduate or Minor Program. It is not possible to obtain a Double Major  Diploma or Minor Certificate without graduating from the major undergraduate program.

Graduation and Grades
Students who successfully complete the Double Major Program and gain the right of two bachelor’s degree, are awarded a Bachelor’s Degree Diploma and a Double Major Bachelor’s Degree Diploma.

Students who have successfully completed the Minor Program are awarded a “Minor Certificate”.The students who have the right to graduate from the Major Bachelor’s Degree Program obtains the diploma of the Major Bachelor’s Degree Program even if they do not complete the Double Major  Bachelor or Minor Program.

A student who is dismissed from the Double Major Degree Program is entitled to obtain a Minor Degree Certificate if he / she fulfills all the requirements of a Minor Degree Program.

Article 9 – In the cases where there is no provision in this Regulation, provisions of the Regulation Regarding Examination and Evaluation Principles of Near East University Undergraduate Education and Training are applied.

Enforcement Article 10 – This Regulation enters into force on the date of its publication.

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