International Student Office

The vision of International Student´s Office is to facilitate the international students’ application process to NEU, to create an atmosphere of cultural awareness through multicultural activities and to ensure that international students receive support and guidance from registration up to graduation stage by implementing effective and permanent solutions.

To create the conditions that enable all NEU students to experience an unprecedented educational journey from registration up until graduation.


Empathy:We try our best to understand all student situations and aim to maintain a friendly and understanding relationship with the students, rather than being strict and unadaptable.

Simplicity:For their ease and understanding, we offer the students simpler procedures and processes that are easy to follow and do not complicate matters further.

Speed: We understand the importance of speed and punctuality in our daily lives. Therefore, we provide our students with quick solutions to their problems so that they may continue their academic lives without stress.

International Development & Accreditation
Manager: Guy Andrieu
Extension number: 5422


International Marketing & Communication
Manager: Rana Serdaroğlu Tezel (Ph.D)
Extension number: 5610

Administrative Regions

Online Unit
The Supervisor: Gozel Aknazarova
Extension number: 5143


Africa Unit
The Supervisor: Behnaz Kara
Extension number: 5163


Eurasia Unit
The Supervisor: Shabnam Golkarian
Extension number: 5295


Middle East Unit
The Supervisor: Motaz Hammouda
Extension number: 5295

Emete Etingü
Extension number: 5418


Çilem Maniga Vural
Extension number: 5141


Emine Basarhan Kilicogullari
Extension number: 5140

For all registered students you can visit or contact the Student Affairs Office regarding:


Fresh students for final registration to start their academic journey at NEU and already registered student to refresh their semester.


For all payments (tuition payments and confirmation/ accomodation / Invoices) you can visit or contact them on the numberprovided in the contact section.


Ensure that registered international students receive support and guidance from registration up to graduation stage

Student Permit:

Guide students and send the student´s detail to the immigration office for student permit (Muhacaret).

Applying online has been easier than ever. We believe in making life easy for our students. All you need to do is to drop an email ( for us with your academic documents and your questions regarding the admission procedure or just give our friendly and cooperative officers a call.

Administrative Regions
Working days: Monday to Friday
Working hours: 08:30 AM – 05:00 PM


Student Affairs Office
Working days: Monday to Friday
Working hours: 08:00 AM – 04:30 PM

Contact Details
Tel: (+90) 392 680 20 00 extension number – 5143
Whatsapp: (+90) 548 818 08 18
Facebook: /NearEastUniversity
LinkedIn: Near East University

Online Assistant: Ask & Apply

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