+ Covid-19 Amendment

Date: 12nd March 2021
Subject: Amendments for the COVID-19 period


  1. Special scholarships to be provided within the context of the COVID-19 measures will be valid for 2019-2020 Summer semester and 2020-2021 Fall/Spring/Summer semesters, applicable for both current and prospective students. The university administration reserves the right to extend and/or suspend these additional scholarships and does not give any special right to the scholarship holder under any circumstances.
  2. Due to the COVID-19 compulsory conditions, off-campus education will be applied for the whole university or only for certain countries, according to the conditions specific to those countries.
  3. All students who will be excluded from the framework of off-campus education must continue with on-campus education.
  4. Registered students of undergraduate programs will benefit from a +10% COVID-19 Special Scholarship for as long as they need to have off-campus education. This scholarship is valid for both the course and the semester fee. During these periods, social activity fee will be taken from the student. 2020-2021 Spring semester will continue as off-campus education. Undergraduate program fees for registered students can be found in Prospective Students Page.
  5. Those students who are in a department and could not attend the courses/English qualification exam because of quarantine (confirmed by uzebim as well as department) is entitled to freeze their education in that particular department for 2020-2021 Fall (by paying 100euro social activity fee) and shift their registration to the next semester. (ISO/FSA039/2020)
  6. Students of Masters and PhD programs will not pay any social activity fee till 2020-2021 summer term (including).
  7. In addition to 10% Covid-19 scholarship, all students is entitled to receive sibling scholarship till 2020-2021 summer term (including).
  8. Till 2020-2021 Summer Term, Covid-19 scholarships will be applied on all Iranian nationality scholarships (FSA/020/2020).
  9. Prospective students to be registered:
    • Prospective students will be able to benefit from a +30% COVID-19 Special Scholarship if there is an availability of off-campus education during the term of their acquisition of an acceptance. The tuition fees can be consulted in the table in Prospective Students Page.
    • The acceptance fee for off-campus education for each undergraduate program is the half of the tuition fee/year for that particular program.
    • Registration fee and social activity fee will not be charged for off-campus education.
    • No original document is required for registration for off-campus education. Upon shifting to on-campus education, student must provide original documents to ISO.
    • The off-campus acceptance fee is non-refundable and no defer will be made to the next semester. If one desires to defer, the fee difference between off campus-education and on-campus education must be topped up. In that case, one can defer for only two semesters and there is no refund. Even if the education is still off-campus at the time of defer, there is no discount.
    • Acceptance fees will be as according to the off-campus education tuition fees table. In the case of transitions to on-campus education, students will have to top up the difference in fees when they arrive. (10% discount instead of 30% discount).
    • Given the different COVID-19 conditions of distinct countries, different implementations can be made for students from each country. While off-campus education is offered to a student from one particular country, it may not be offered to a student from another country. These conditions are determined by the university administration.
    • There is no special scholarship for Master and PhD students who will receive new acceptances.
  10. Dormitory and Package Prices
    • A 10% discount has been applied to all our dormitory prices. If current students staying in the dormitory will continue to stay at the dormitory, an additional 10% discount will be applied. The prices can be found in Prospective Student Page.
    • A COVID-19 special discount has been applied to our package prices. Package prices are valid only for the 2020-2021 academic year. The prices are available in Prospective Student Page.
  11. As of 2021-2022 Fall Term, Covid-19 scholarships will not be valid.