Travelling During Covid-19
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NOTAM on Travel Limitations
COVID-19 Travelling Preconditions Applicable to Students (05.12.2020)

The risk categories regarding the entrances to our country have been reduced to one single category. In this direction, the people coming to our country from abroad will have to submit their negative PCR tests took in the last 3 days to the official of the Ministry of Health and will have to complete a 10-day quarantine period and upon the completion of the quarantine they will take another PCR test. In case they do not submit their negative PCR test results, they will not be allowed to enter the country.

The children that will enter the country will not be asked for PCR test result.

The PCR tests will be accepted in the Turkish OR English languages only.

The PCR test results that obtained 4 days prior (or before) to the start of travelling date will not be accepted for the entrances to the country. The people that submit this kind of test results will not be allowed to enter the country. The start of travelling date is the first boarding to the flight for connecting flights.

It is a must for the passengers coming from Turkey to TRNC to have QR code on their PCR test results.

Students and/or candidate students with Acceptance Letters travelling to the TRNC will not be required to pay for the 10-Day quarantine fees.

Non-student visitors are however obliged to fulfill the PCR test requirement stated in the above clause. Non-student visitors must pay the quarantine fees (stated below) to one of the given bank accounts prior to travelling and declare valid bank receipt to the Airline upon boarding. Additional PCR tests carried out upon arrival to the TRNC are payable by non-student visitors.

The Bank Account Numbers and the Iban Numbers That the Quarantine Fees Will Be Deposited

The name of the receiver: TRNC Ministry of Finance
The address of the receiver: TRNC Ministry of Finance Nicosia-TRNC
The Bank address: Şehit Mustafa Ahmet Ruso Sokak No. 11 Küçük Kaymaklı Nicosia – TRNC

TL:3050 TL
ACCOUNT NO:40298710-5001
UBAN NO:TR290001000860402987105001
USD:289 US$
ACCOUNT NO:40300032-5001
ACCOUNT NO:40298710-5002
ACCOUNT NO:40298710-5004

For more information, please visit:

Covid-19 (as of 1st December 2020)

There will be only one category for countries to enter the TRNC as of 1st December 2020

Regarding entry to the TRNC, countries that were previously classified as A, B, C groups according to risk categories, will be evaluated as a single category as of 1st December 2020.

Accordingly, those who will enter the TRNC from abroad will be subject to quarantine for 7 days (As of 14th December a 10-day quarantine stay), provided that they submit a negative PCR test result done in the last 3 days (72 hrs.), and PCR tests will be done at the end of the quarantine.

The Ministry of Health stated that it had been decided to implement some additional cautionary measures by the Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee which convened under the Contagious Diseases Law.

According to the Ministry’s statement, it was decided to extend the quarantine decisions until 31st December 2020 at 23:59.

For more information:

NOTAM on Travel Limitations between 14.06.2021 - 20.06.2021
About Qurantine

The TRNC Ministry of Health has implemented quarantine services that require persons entering North Cyprus to quarantine themselves in order to limit the introduction and spread of Covid 19. The 10-14 day period begins on the day the person enters North Cyprus. Please be advised that the duration of mandatory quarantine is determined by public health authorities and this is enforceable by law.

The TRNC Ministry of health page can be accessed here.

Process of quarantine options:

Home quarantine:
Students who can select the home option will be subject to wearing electronic bracelets within their own homes to carry out their coronavirus quarantine. The bracelets will replace the government-mandated hotels used to house and monitor travelers. For information on the bracelet, rules see page 6

Regarding the steps to follow in order to qualify for the home monitored quarantine (with bracelets):
The student should download in their phones ´Güvende Kal´ app, 48 hours before traveling. The application can be found on App Store and Google Play or visit the website

The website contains all information about the electronic wristband and app, as well as how and where to pay for the electronic wristband ( Kindly note that the payment for the wristband will be ₺750 (Turkish Lira)

During the quarantine period, the student´s contact number must be reachable, and data communication on their cellular device must be enabled.

The student must not leave the location they have specified during the quarantine period. If they leave the location, they will face legal action for violating the quarantine rule, and the fine for the quarantine regulation violation will be $10,000.

The quarantine period will end upon receipt of an SMS notification sent to the student following the completion of a PCR test on the date determined by the Ministry.

Quarantine at Near East:
Note that students who paid for economic packages at the university will be quarantined in separate rooms in University dorms; designed isolation facilities for the quarantine period. The economic package includes the tuitioın fees, dormitory fees, and three meals a day. For detailed information on the University's Economic packages click here

Please be informed students who do not want to apply for the economic package, they can also choose to stay in NEU accommodation given that they complete the annual fee payment of the preferred dormitories. They will also be able to quarantine themselves in NEU accommodation facilities without any added fees. The stated fees for this accommodation do not cover the meals and the tuition fees. For more information regarding the accommodation, please visit the link below:

Students planning to reside Off-campus and students who have not been assigned an on-campus self-quarantine facility can also be accommodated in our University dormitory which is quite convenient and more affordable; Park Palace Residents (Adress: Park Palace Residents Orkide Sokak, Ozanköy, Girne ). Please see below the list of countries and estimated prices for your reference:

Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates will be required to pay € 150 for their 10-day quarantine period.

Other countries not mentioned above will be required to pay €200 for their 14- day quarantine.

During the traveling process, kindly make sure that you have a letter of proof for the place of isolation
Note: We urge you to check weekly updates on the TRNC Ministry of Health to stay updated on any changes in Travel regulations to avoid any inconveniences since the regulations are subject to be changed weekly.