General Regulations

General Regulation of Near East University

  • NEU hereby agrees to appoint The Agent as the lawful representative for the recruitment of students admitted via the good offices of The Agent.
  • NEU will provide all kinds of promotional materials with printed/soft copies to The Agent for marketing purposes.
  • The Agent cannot accept or receive any payments on behalf of NEU. All application, registration and tuition fees must be paid direct to the bank accounts provided by NEU.
  • NEU hereby agrees to keep all shared students / partners details anonymous.
  • According to the regulations of Near East University, the contact details of registered students/new applicants (email address or phone number) will not be disclosed to any third parties.
  • The agents are responsible for providing correct information about the rules/regulations of Near East University to prospective students. In case of misleading or misinform the applicants/registered student Near East University will not accept any responsibility and will have the right to take legal action against the agent.