Guest Students
How can I be a Guest student?

Dear students; Even if it is for a few days, you are welcome as guests students at our university. You have the opportunity to come to Near East University in North Cyprus, experience life in campus, attend lessons and live the atmosphere of a real university. You can make your own decision after your experiences. With this trip, you will be provided complete guidance by Near East University. Full details and further information is as follows:

Dear students; you now have the chance to get an understanding of being a student at Near East University. You are given an opportunity to experience university life before you actually become an undergraduate.

For college students studying in Turkey who wish to visit with their families, accommodation at the university is available for the cost of 5TL per day. Students will be able to visit all faculties of the university and attend lessons as ‘a guest student’ in the departments they wish.

Educational facilities will be introduced at an orientation program.

A couple of days within this framework will shed light upon those having indecisions about which department to choose. Our staff are availabe to direct students in the right direction on the path to their career.

Students who do not want to miss this opportunity, should call the university’s International Student Office at +90(392) 223 64 64-5422 or contact [email protected].

Students Must Pay Attention To:

The university’s Dorona Travel Agency can help to arrange travel requirements.

Contact number: +90(392) 223 44 21

The cost of accommodation at NEU Dormitories is 5TL per night.

Catering is provided at the university restaurant for the cost of 15TL of 3 meals.

To use your mobile phones in TRNC, your phones must be enabled to make international phone calls. .

For details and further information contact NEU International Students Office