Transfer Regulations

Transfer Regulations for Bachelor and Associate Degree programs at Near East University

Article 1
The regulations stated in this ordinance are in force for transfers to NEU for Bachelor and associate degree levels.

Article 2
Transfers to programs of NEU is possible from educational institutions offering similar programs to NEU’s. The transfers from appropriate institutions which conduct year-based programs must be done at the beginning of the academic year, and transfers from term-based programs can be done at the beginning of each term. The acceptance of transfers is subject to decision and approval of faculty boards.

Article 3
Transfer quotas for each department are determined by the Senate of NEU.

Article 4
Students aiming to transfer to NEU must submit their applications at least days prior to the commencement of academic year or the academic term.

Article 5
Transfer from open universities or open higher education programs to the Near East University is not possible.

Article 6
Transfers between the faculties and departments within the university are carried out in accordance with the regulations of this ordinanc

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